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Six days faster online

The online sales metrics speaks for themselves. 28% more calls per car, 47% more emails per car, 33% more clicks to our website, and we have improved our ’Time to market’ with six days so I think it’s a high ROI product.

Stephan Sørensen
Sales Director at Bayern AutoGroup Aarhus

Have used Carswip everyday for +3 years

Carswip is essential to us in the digital presentation of our used cars, which is gaining more and more importance.

Claus Bjerring Christiansen
Director at Semler Retail A/S

+53,3% more calls per car

The results after the first 2 months was 15,4% more clicks on our ads, 32,8% more email leads per cars, 53,3% more calls per car so it’s really a no-brainer for us.

Johan Rosengren
Used Car Manager at Mercedes-Benz Malmö

Aligned process in all departments

We have worked with Carswip for many years now and we love that we have a tool which makes it easy for all our dealers to make great car presentations in our online showroom.

Jørgen Meyer
Business Manager at Nic. Christiansen Group

How Carswip works

Do not waste time doing things the old fashioned way. It has never been more important to virtually optimize your car ads.

Make your cars 3x more attractive with A.I

Unlock your biggest assets while you focus on growth

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Win the online market

Make your ecommerce strategy a success. Give your customers a WOW experience and make sure they choose your cars online.

Boost retail performance

Automatically upload all your images and videos to your DMS and websites. The fastest ‘time to market’ in the industry.

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See what Carswip
does for others

Our customers use Carswip to minimize manual processes. We make cars look more attractive so our customer’s cars can reach higher sales prices and boost their brand online. We are taking the customer experience to the next level

BMW – Bayern Auto Group
Toyota – STS Biler

Get a free analysis of how your cars are presented online

In the analysis you will be able to see how Carswip presents your cars

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Unlimited license

Fixed monthly price per dealership

299 €
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All features included

There is a lot of money to be saved, by optimizing the quality and
processes of your online car presentations.

Unlimited Guidelines

Make several brand guidelines that make it easy for all salespeople

Unlimited edited images

Make all your cars stand out in the crowd

Unlimited advertising images

Boost the sales of extra products

Unlimited QR codes

Get more leads by adding QR codes to your advertising images

Unlimited videos

Get the most out of your car ads online and boost customer trust

Unlimited dashboard metrics

Track every metrics that are important in all your stores

Unlimited automations uploads

We upload all your images and videos to all your systems

Unlimited control

Control everything regarding your car presentations in the product suite


How easy is it
to get started?

Do not waste time doing things the old fashioned way. It has never been more important for your car ads to be visually optimized


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Clarification of your needs

We will discuss your sitation to see if there is a match – If there is a match we will move on to set up a pilot project

In 7-14 days

Determine pilot dealers

We will find the pilot dealers and find a date/time to make an online demo

In 14-30 days

Online demo and initiate pilots

We will facilitate an online demo for the pilot dealers and run the pilot project for 30 days

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We are globally represented

We are present in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, UK, India, Japan, South Korea, Romania and Slovakia. Don’t worry, if your country is not listed. We are global, and open to all countries.

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