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By signing up for the free trial period, you get 14 days of uninterrupted access to the full version of the Carswip App. During this trial period, you can use the app to take pictures of your cars, as well as use Carswip’s Webapp to download the pictures to your computer afterwards.

Once you have submitted the form regarding. the free trial period, we will create an account for you and send you an introductory email within 1 working day. Your 14-day trial period starts when this email is marked as ‘Sent’ in our system. Please note that the trial period does not include our image editing service. If you want to try both the Carswip app and the image editing, you can contact us at .

Of course! You can switch between the different plans at any time.

With the Carswip App, we can help you get better and more consistent images of your cars, even across departments. This is done through a user-friendly framework that guides you to take pictures from the same angles, every single time.

With our Image Editing, we make your cars shine and bring out all the details. This is done by improving lighting, colors / contrast, and replacing the background.

Carswip is invoiced on a monthly basis and can currently only paid by bank transfer.

For retailers with several departments, we can offer individual invoicing.

It depends on which product and plan you use.

For the Carswip App, you are bound for the full period of 1 year if you choose an annual plan. If you choose a monthly plan, you are only bound for the remaining days left in the month in which you cancel your plan. Please note that longer lock-in periods may occur if you choose our Enterprise plan. However, this will always be elaborated in the individual contract.

When editing images, the ‘Business’ and ‘Professional’ plans are not binding. The ‘Custom’ plan may be binding, but this depends on the individual contract / agreement between Carswip and the dealer.

If there is anything else you would like to know about Carswip, you are very welcome to contact us at . Alternatively, you can also contact us via. the form on our Contact page .


“Carswip helps us in everyday life to get the best pictures  of our cars, in a way that is both easy and convenient for our car dealership. When using Carswip, we experience both more clicks on our ads and more customer inquiries . ”

Lasse Nielsen


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