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This Carswip app is owned by Carswip ApS, Langdyssen 5, 8200 Aarhus N, CVR. no.: 38653490.

When you use the the app (“App“) for the first time, you will be asked to give your explicit consent to the use of cookies on the App or decline the use of all or some of the cookies. Please note that the use of functionality cookies does not require your consent, as such cookies are necessary for the function of the App. We encourage you to accept the cookies used by the App, because it will help us improve you and other people’s experience when using the App. If you decline the use of cookies, there may be functionalities on the App, which you cannot utilize.

1.1 What are cookies and how long are they stored
A cookie is a text file that is sent from our App and saved on your phone, tablet or whichever device you use to access the App.

There are basically two types of cookies – so-called session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are information units that are deleted when you close the App. Persistent cookies are information units that are stored on your device until they are deleted. Persistent cookies delete themselves after a certain period but are renewed each time you use the App. Carswip uses both session and persistent cookies. Read more about this below in section 1.4 where you will also find an overview of the specific cookies we use.

1.2 The purpose of cookies
Cookies may be used for a number of purposes, but in essence they are used to save information about your activity in the app. Cookies contain information that later in time can be read by a web server on the domain that issued the cookie in question.

We collect information via cookies in order to improve your user experience on our App and services, to provide and improve usability and functionality, to generate statistics, analysis and app performance reviews, to remember your preferences and sales. The benefit for you is that you will save time next time you use the App, as you do not have to enter the same information again and that the content will be adjusted to your preferences.

1.3 Third party cookies
In order to further develop and improve the App, we use cookies from certain third parties. The purposes are preparation of statistics and analyses of online behaviour. The third parties place the cookies on your device on our behalf and prepare the statistics, etc. Third parties used are listed in the cookie declaration below.

1.4 Cookie declaration
Cookie declaration for webapp, last updated on 09/01/2023:

Cookie nameOperatorPurposeRetention periods
randomPasswordKeyAmazon AWSUsed by the Amazon Cognito service to store a key that is used to encrypt the user’s temporary password.
deviceKeyAmazon AWSUsed by the Amazon Cognito service to store a key that is used to authenticate a user’s device
userDataAmazon AWSUsed by the Amazon Cognito service to store user-specific information, such as the user’s name, email address, and other attributes.
LastAuthUserAmazon AWSUsed to store the last authenticated user’s username and it is used to automatically populate the login form with the last successfully authenticated user’s username, improving the user experience.
Amplify-signin-with-hostedUIAmazon AWSUsed to store the user’s session state when using the hosted UI sign-in flow in the Amazon Amplify library, it is used to authenticate and authorize the user for the duration of their session
deviceGroupKeyAmazon AWSUsed to authenticate and authorize a group of devices associated with a user, providing an additional layer of security for the user’s session and allowing them to maintain the same session across multiple devices
refreshTokenAmazon AWSUsed to store a token that is used to refresh the user’s session and it is used to maintain the user’s session state by obtaining new access tokens without requiring the user to re-enter their credentials
accessTokenAmazon AWSused to store a token that is used to authenticate a user’s session and it is used to authenticate the user’s requests to the application’s backend, verifying that the user is authenticated and authorized to access the requested resource
clockDriftAmazon AWSUsed to store the time difference between the user’s device clock and the server clock. This cookie is used to ensure that the timestamps of the tokens used in the authentication process are accurate
idTokenAmazon AWSused to store a token that contains information about the user’s identity and it is used to authenticate the user’s requests to the application’s backend and to authorize access to protected resources

Cookie declaration for mobile app, last updated on 09/01/2023:

Cookie nameOperatorPurposeRetention periods
CognitoIdentityServiceProvider.********.LastAuthUserAmazon AWSStores authenticated session dataSession
CognitoIdentityServiceProvider.********.********.accessTokenAmazon AWSStores authenticated session dataSession

1.5 Removal of cookies
You can always reject or deselect the location of cookies on your device. However, this requires that you delete the app by following the guidance below.

If you use Android:
– Open the Settings of your device.
– If your phone runs Android Oreo or earlier, you’ll want to open the App Manager settings page.
– Tap the Other Apps heading to see a list of your installed apps.
– Find the application you want to clear the cookies of and tap its listing
– Tap on clear cache and clear storage.

If you use iOS:
– Open the Settings on your device then tap General.
– Select iPhone Storage
– Find the App
– Choose delete this app

The App and all your data related to the app will then be deleted. You can choose to download the App again.


Please contact us if you have any questions about the use of cookies.

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